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    Scanner help: Uniden BCD325P2

    Scanner help: Uniden BCD325P2 San Pablo PD Hello all, I just bought this new Uniden BCD325P2 scanner and was wondering if anyone can help me start scanning San Pablo PD. I'm new to scanning so I was wondering if anyone can help me on obtain a frequency or provide me instructions on how to get...
  2. M

    ChevronTexaco (Richmond Refinery) Miscellaneous Notes

    ChevronTexaco (Richmond Refinery) Miscellaneous Pro96com Notes for whoever wants them. -TowerInfo System ID : 5E8 WACN : BEE00 Tower Number (Decimal): 1-1 Tower Number (Hex) : T0101 Control Capabilities : Data,Voice,Registration Flavor : Phase 2...
  3. W

    Richmond and Chesterfield PD units with "x" behind their number

    I hear some units referred to by their number with an "x" after it. Anyone know what this means? Anyone have a code, signal and unit list for CPD?
  4. W

    Help with Bearcat BCD436HP and Richmond area frequencies

    Hi, I just purchased a 436HP and am in the Richmond area. I set the ZIP code and the database loads, but I can't receive the Richmond/Henrico/Chesterfield frequencies. I have tried changing the distance. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows machine and can't currently update the software or the...
  5. C

    Control channel issue with Richmond City using a 396XT

    I programmed in the correct rebanded frequency of 853.95. The frequency on the display in scan mode is 853.9625, for some reason, and I'm not receiving any transmissions at all. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. S

    Problem Programming Richmond/San Pablo EDACS

    I'm a relatively new user, with a PRO-106 scanner, using the ARC-500 software to download data from I am having problems picking up the Richmond/San Pablo EDACS public safety system. I live in Richmond, and downloaded the data from for the Richmond/San...
  7. D

    Richmond, CA police/tactical helicopter frequencies?

    I have little experience monitoring helicopters, but on several occasions the Richmond PD (I think) helicopter has been hovering over/near my workplace. Anyone know what freq they're using, or what range to search? I've used the RadioReference database to program my 396XT, but the helicopter...
  8. Bote

    Helo crash near Richmond

    I was listening to the Carson, VA CSX railroad feed when the dispatcher said that a helicopter had crashed on [something] Blvd. This was about 23:10 Saturday night. I could not hear the other train or maintainer, so he had to be a good distance away from Carson, likely closer to Petersburg or...