1. Salvatorejrc

    Rooftop Suggestions

    What rooftop antenna models work nicely for VHF and UHF low? Any suggestions for ways to elevate the antenna signifigantly higher than my roof? Thanks
  2. P

    Downtown NYC antenna help!

    So I am new to the hobby, having just invested in a beautiful 996P2, I have it programmed with all the available frequencies and have been getting okay results. Local police (NYPD) comes in clear as a bell, as do the MTA bus operators and a few other services. Other than that, it's been pretty...
  3. KK4LQX

    Motorola Spectra Antenna

    Hello All, I have a Motorola Spectra VHF Radio, Model No: D43KXA7JA5BK, 136.0 - 162.0 MHz, 50 Watts, that I have installed in my house. I am looking for a nice antenna that can handle the entire frequency range of this radio to install on the roof of my house. I live in a neighborhood that...
  4. R

    Easy external scanner antenna project

    Here is an easy little project for an external scanner antenna with a few parts from the junk bin. This antenna is fine for somewhat local stations; for distant station scanning a tuned J-Pole or dipole antenna would work much better. And of course, the higher you can get this little guy up...
  5. chankel

    New tower installation photos 7/26/11

    Rooftop tower installation by Penn Tech International Penn Tech, International - Penn-Tech International They will do private work for individuals willing to pay for professional towerjacks. In a total of 13 hrs they installed this 4.5 ft Glen Martin rooftop tower with 3 side arms and a 10 ft...
  6. A

    Best Rooftop Antenna for a BCD396XT Scanner

    After being out of scanning as a hobby for many years, and now finally getting the itch to get back into it, I have decided to purchase a BCD396XT Scanner. I have had good luck with Uniden products in the past, and that was one of the deciding factors in which one to get (rather than the GRE...