1. RaleighGuy

    Raleigh PD on UHF?

    Recently noticed in the RR FCC grants list that Raleigh PD received a license to use six UHF channels: 453..0375 453.0625 453.1375 458..0375 458.0625 458.1375 stating in the application that RADIOS WILL BE USED RADIO TO RADIO AS TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS Has anyone heard them on these freqs or...
  2. WX9RLT

    Police shoot and kill man in Rockford

    More info ~Man Shot & Killed By Officers In Rockford | Rockford Scanner "Breaking News As It Happens"
  3. eNubiX

    Riverside California RPD and Fire feed

    Is anybody going to cover Riverside again? I know the feed was changed some time ago. But I never heard anything about it sense.
  4. M

    New RPD Talkgroup???

    I'm listening to a bunch of undercovers trying to find a guy with a gun who robbed someone. But this is on AFS 02-116 DEC 350 on Washoe County NSRS. I looked it up but can't find it registered to any agency. When officers switch to the frquency they refer to Z Channel or "Go on Z"..I'm...
  5. M

    Washoe and RPD Call Signs.

    I'm a newer listener with a Pro-94 programmed to NSRS EDACS. I love listening to the trunked freqs my old scanner couldn't track. Anyways does anyone have a reference sheet for the Police call signs. Example: Reno Nora 333 Reno X-Ray Etc Traffic seems to just say traffic so thats easy. I...