1. E

    APX 6000XE RSSI Display not working

    Good afternoon all, I have an APX6000XE 3.5 with firmware R12.05.00 and I am attempting to get RSSI to be displayed on my screen but I haven't been able to get it to work. In the CPS, I have Conventional RSSI Display enabled with a RSSI Display Timer of 15sec. Conventional Personality> (Name...
  2. T04KLH9PW7AN

    Motorola RSSI to dBm Converter

    Hello All, I got tired of having to drag a spectrum analyzer around to walk buildings for signal strength so we made a converter that displays Motorola displayed RSSI to dBM. Enjoy all. Hope this helps. Link updated.
  3. Y

    [US Navy] Help me find my Tx/Rx issues please

    Good morning. I dont have a lot of information on this system. There is a school that the Navy sends people to but no one on my ship has been able to attend. We have Motorola XTS2500I radios and I have the ASTRO 25 programming software. Other than that info I dont have a lot. I know there are...
  4. phyberoptics

    DSDPlus 2 quick questions regarding FMP, FMPA, FMP24

    Question 1: Is there any advantage (or disadvantage) to changing the FFT value in FMP*.CFG? I don't really notice a difference at 16, 32, or 64 and the documentation doesn't really cover what is actually happening other than 64 is supposed to look better. I probably just answered my own question...
  5. R

    Public Safety EDACS Scanning and Mapping

    I want to record and map the RSSI values for a "Digital Trunked EDACS Radio System" in the 800 MHz band. Questions: 1. Which Uniden radio scanner and software would allow me to use a GPS to record (Lat, Long) and the corresponding RSSI value for Control and Traffic Channels? 2. Can the...
  6. D

    RSSI units in Freescan

    I've looked and so far have not found anything in Freescan's documentation, wiki or this category that provides information about the units that the RSSI column is with the data logger provided by Freescan (a great product, by the way!). I've heard that the acronym stands for Received Signal...