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    R8600 R8600 Programmer Issue

    I recently purchased the R8600 receiver and liking it a lot. I use the RT Systems R8600 programmer to program the radio. My issue with the software is with the bank/group names. I have six memory banks(groups) programmed with many channels. In the bank/group names menu, I set up descriptive...
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    TYT TH-8600 & RT Systems

    RT Systems’ website says in order to program the TYT TH-8600 you have to use their branded cable. Is that fact or BS? The radio came with a TYT branded cable in the box. I’d rather spend $25 on just the software versus $50 for the software/cable “bundle” if the cable I have will work.
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    ICOM IC-R2 software

    Hello all, I have an ICOM IC-R2. I purchased the WCSR2 Windows Programing Software, from RT Systems. I'm considering adding the Premium Subscription from RadioReference.com. When I looked at the software that is compatible with RadioReference, there was no mention of RT Systems, or the R2. Is it...