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    Icom: IC-746 to PC

    Hello everyone.. I'd really appreciate some information on this topic.. The manual is very vague when it comes to connecting this radio to your PC. There are some cables sold by RTsystems and it seems you can manage the memories, but I wanted to use the RS-746 Software.. What do I need to do...
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    8692.5 RTTY???

    I'm sure this has been asked before but is this RTTY I constantly hear on 8692.5??
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    850 HZ RTTY--But Can't Decode

    Last night, I was scanning through HF and kept hearing what sounded like 850-hz RTTY. It must have been on 10-12 different frequencies. I think I heard it on 3.925 and 6.750, but whenever I try to decode it I can never seem to decode it. I have tried MixW and Fldigi. I was connected online...
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    Is using RTTY over FM frowned upon?

    I have developed an Arduino RTTY modulator. It generates the sounds, which would go into my handheld FM radio. I would be doing this in the experimental section of the 2m band, broadcasting my callsign, etc. I just wasn't sure if this would be allowed or frowned upon since the RTTY is still...