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    Russian Trains on HF

    Has anyone heard Russian cab drivers and dispatchers talking on HF? According to the websites of the manufacturers below, the frequencies should oscillate between 2.130 and 2.150 MHz. Yet this manufacturer's website suggests broader range of HF...
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    NATO's high intensity of combat training

    As we know Polish Armed Forces conducted a large-scale military training exercise Anakonda involving 24 NATO and partner countries. For more than 10 days, 31,000 troops, backed by large numbers of vehicles, aircraft and ships trained together. The aim was to exercise and test the...
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    VRS Russia Network - Custom Server for Mode-S Receivers and VRS Feeders

    With the events in Russia and Ukraine, Good time to post this, and Watch the Air Traffic in Russia. About server VRS Russia VRS Russia Network - an open public server for data output from any signal receiver Mode-S through any specialized program data. You can use a simple dongle on RTL2832U...
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    NORAD - Russia Exercise to Track Airliner across Borders

    NORAD - Russia Exercise to Track Airliner across Borders: Vigilant Eagle, the first-ever NORAD-Russia live-fly, cooperative air defense exercise is scheduled to begin Sunday in airspace near western Alaska and eastern Russia. US and Russian fighters, airborne warning and control aircraft, and...