1. FlyByNight

    IC-RX7 CSV File Format & Programming

    Hi Everyone, After a ten year leave of absence from scanners and receivers I have just taken the plunge and bought an RX7. Whilst I am waiting for it to arrive I would like to start organising my frequencies ready for programming. I have a couple of questions that I hope you RX7 owners might be...
  2. N

    Icom RX7 memory examples

    The reviews of the RX7 are covered elsewhere, so I thought I'd concentrate this thread on memory channel programming. The RX7 has a three-tiered layout of Categories, Groups, and Channels, along with Direct-Key toggling of these. However it is up to you to organize all this. There are many...
  3. safetyobc

    Icom R5 vs RX-7 ????

    Anyone have (or have owned) the R5 and had used or owned an RX-7? Just curious what you thought about the RX7 vs the R5 in receive, options, etc. Actual pics of an RX7 would be great. Thanks, Matt