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    anything about a pro-47

    I just bought my first scanner of any sort. It's a "Realistic Patrolman Scanner Receiver", Pro-47. I'm looking for any information I can get about it. Especially about... ----Antennas ----Crystals ----Where to get crystals and antennas Thanks! Jonathan
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    Marion County Frequencies

    I currently own a Pro94, 1000 channel Radioshack Dual Trunking Scanner. I'm seeking frequencies mainly for Salem Police, Marion County Sheriff, Salem Fire, and Marion County Fire District 1. I have the most common frequencies for each of these but if any of you know any other frequencies please...
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    Salem 800s and General questions

    I am doing a presentation on radio types and frequencies for a Chemeketa fire class, and i dont understand how the salem fire 800mhz radios work. I also need to know the wattage ranges for base stations and mobile radios. i have the portables covered.