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    Weather Alerts outside of NWR Range?

    Is there any good way to receive weather alerts and weather information in the outdoors where no NWR reception exists, such as in large areas of the Southwest? Options I have looked at: - Red Cross or FEMA app for warnings and windy or meteoblue for weather forecasts - Preferred way, but...
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    BCD396XT: SAME WX Alerts

    I'm trying to program in SAME groups, and I think I have it, but need to confirm it. I could wait until the next weather emergency to see if it works, but I need it to work during the next weather emergency. In FreeScan, there are several columns: SAME Group Name, FIPS 1, FIPS 2, FIPS 3, FIPS...
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    Pro 106 and WX same led latch.

    With the Radio Shack Pro-106 (and Pro-197) set to receive WX SAME broadcasts, is there a way to set the LED to quit blinking when an alert is over and the scanner go back to monitoring for the next weather warning? I have found the settings to latch/unlatch the LED for items in scan lists, but...