santa clara county

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    CA Fish and Game frequencies

    Hi there. Does anyone know if CA Fish and Game frequencies are going to be encrypted? I do monitor them, but in my area the units just log on and off with dispatch. I know CHP has changed their policy and aren’t going encrypted.
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    Santa Clara down or just me? Feed: "County Sheriff, Police, Fire, CHP, and CAL FIRE"

    Feed is looping 10 second clip I was listening to a feed and it’s just repeating itself. Is there a way to report it as OFFLINE even if it’s not technically offline it’s just broken?
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    BCD436HP: New BCD436HP user / a few questions

    Hi, I just received my BCD436HP today, and have spent all afternoon playing with it. I think i have finally gotten close to getting it set up, but I'm now stuck on two last items. 1. I cannot seem to find an "optimal settings" thread to compare mine to, does such a thing exist that someone can...
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    Narrow Banding reception on older scanners?

    I'm new to this forum, so bear with me if I missed this topic in a search. I live and work in Santa Clara County, and with the narrow banding of VHF frequencies happening in Dec '10, how will this effect the reception on existing scanners? Our agency has older scanners (greater than 15 years...