1. M

    Conventional Frequency Lists for Lincoln County

    I have made the jump from my Bearcat 780XLT to a Whistler 1040 and I have successfully imported the Wyolink Frequencies from RR however when I search for Conventional Frequences it only list Lincoln County Business as an Agency. I should expect to find listings for SAR, Sherrifs office, road...
  2. VE1GAT

    Fire Department Nova Scotia Valley plus, programming simplex (hello Pat)

    This is my CHIRP pack that includes: Valley Fire Departments (scan list) NS Fire departments on VHF (not all of them) No repeaters Search & Rescue (Canadian & Mutual aid) Marine 16 GMRS (scans CH20 MURS Weather This is for VFF only. These are not waterproof. If you wish to scan NS fire...
  3. k6scm

    Right now: Joint CHP/USAF SAR/Medevac Op on CALCORD/CLEMARS1

    Does anyone have any information on the traffic taking place between CHP H-24 and USAF Rescue aircraft 1-15 utilizing CALCORD and CLEMARS1 for Air-Ground SAR with a "Team-1" and discussing patient extraction ops currently underway? There is also a CHP S-2 at the CP. Location is unknown, but...
  4. rfsparkz

    Yrps Sar

    York region doing Search & Rescue for person.Just came across it so dont know details.