sarasota county

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    Sarasota P25

    Hi Guys, Have agencies such as Longboat Key Police. EMS & Fire moved to the new Sarasota P25 network, if so could someone provide me with the details, frequencies, talkgroups etc. Thanks in advance. Peter
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    Need a good handheld scanner for Sarasota Sheriffs feed

    I am looking to purchase a handheld scanner so I can start hobby listening to the Sarasota county sheriff's department in Sarasota, Florida. Can anyone recommend a good handheld? I don't know if the sheriff's system is digital, encrypted, trimmed, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Englewood FL Fire now on 800MHz (A4)

    Englewood (FL) Area Fire Control District is now operating on Sarasota County Dispatch 4 as their primary dispatch channel (along with the City of North Port Fire-Rescue), replacing their UHF frequency 460.55.