sarasota county

  1. RightBatwing

    Manatee / Sarasota Co. P25 (9DC.BEE00)

    I have overheard the piles of issues Manatee and Sarasota counties have dealt with while pulling online this massive project. Especially the new site near the elementary school in south Manatee ...... oh no the dreaded "radiation and kids"? As I understand Airbus DS won the contract originally...
  2. T

    Sarasota P25

    Hi Guys, Have agencies such as Longboat Key Police. EMS & Fire moved to the new Sarasota P25 network, if so could someone provide me with the details, frequencies, talkgroups etc. Thanks in advance. Peter
  3. M

    Need a good handheld scanner for Sarasota Sheriffs feed

    I am looking to purchase a handheld scanner so I can start hobby listening to the Sarasota county sheriff's department in Sarasota, Florida. Can anyone recommend a good handheld? I don't know if the sheriff's system is digital, encrypted, trimmed, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. W

    Englewood FL Fire now on 800MHz (A4)

    Englewood (FL) Area Fire Control District is now operating on Sarasota County Dispatch 4 as their primary dispatch channel (along with the City of North Port Fire-Rescue), replacing their UHF frequency 460.55.