1. N

    Manatee-Sarasota marine rescue channels

    Hello all There was a lot of testing of Marine Rescue channels on the Manatee-Sarasota system. I can confirm the following talkgroups: 6840 Marine Rescue 1 6841 Marine Rescue 2 411 Marine Rescue 3 units were told to switch for Marine Rescue 4 but I was unable to confirm this...
  2. A

    Help setting up in Sarasota! $$$ for you!

    Hello, I am new to the forum and completely new to radios and trunking. I purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 to do some independent journalism and to no surprise, programming is a nightmare. I tried using freescan to program the settings straight from RR, but copy and paste is about as far as my...
  3. scanthewaves

    FS Scanner Specifically Programmed For Suncoast

    I have a Pro 96 Digital Apco 25 I bought when we were living in Sarasota and now living in OR, I put on Ebay it is specifically programmed for Sun Coast agencies including Sarasota and Pinnelas counties, if any interest it's $299 including programming cable and cd, free shipping included...
  4. scanthewaves

    Need some analog trunking help in Sarasota

    Just got a Pro 164, I don't have a programming cable yet, I was expecting my old Pro 92 cable to work but it's mono, digital scanner not in the budget yet and I wanted to get back into the swing of the hobby. I read on the wiki that the county freqs are both digital and analog, but mostly...
  5. scanthewaves

    Pro 164 Newb here need some help.

    Hi I'm a long time scanner enthusiast, I started out with a crystal set and worked my way up. My most recent scanner before the 164 was a Pro 92( which if anyone is interested I'm selling for P&R it's on fleaby now but I won't post the link since I don't think that's appropriate, just PM me if...