1. S

    Getting started in Saskatchewan

    Hi there! I'm new to the world of radios and scanners. I recently moved to a rural part of Saskatchewan and I'm looking to learn more about using a radio/scanner for entertainment/information purposes. I don't plan on talking, just listening a lot. What would be a decent and affordable start up...
  2. V

    Newbie in sask!

    Hi all, just new to radios, got my license back in November and recently got a cheap Wouxon KG-UV6D handheld. Having difficulty making contact anywhere but probably because of my location and limited range of my radio. But just thought I'd say hello, and see if maybe there's anyone close to...
  3. abear27

    Radio stores in Saskatchewan?

    I don't know of any radio stores anywhere in Saskatchewan that sell equipment for scanner or amateur radio hobbyists anymore. When I was a hobbyist back in 1991, I was just going to the local Radio Shack. Now, it seems I can only find stuff via the Internet. I've looked on and...