1. N

    Optocom, Spectrum Commander IX, ScanCAT Gold - config tips needed

    I've had an OS535-equipped Pro-2035 for many years - got the board as a Christmas gift way back when and installed it in my scanner. The control package I used was ScanStar SE. Installed it on a Win-Workgroups 3.11 box, connected everything together and let 'er rip. Ran that setup for a long...
  2. T

    ARC XT vs FreeSCAN vs Scancat software.

    I'm looking to add a Uniden 996xt to my scanner collection (now have two Radio Shack models), and was wondering about the software available. Any suggestions or in sites about the ARC XT, FreeSCAN, and Scancat software? The description of each seems tp have features that I might like-but ease of...
  3. pinoy1042


    anyone useing this softwere on ther pro 97?