1. Ranger_Ron01


    I just got the ScanControl Demo download and I'm very pleased, but I found out that that company is possibly no longer around even though their website is still up. I want the full version but I'm not sure about their site, any suggestions are welcome.
  2. bperry46

    BCT8 Audio Recording Software (Scanner Recorder Pro, ID Tracker, ScanControl)

    I usually try to figure things out by myself, but I am beginning to pull my hair out with this problem. I am trying to record audio with tagging of the frequencies from my BCT8 that I recently upgraded to. In the past I've used Scanner Recorder Pro, so I thought if I got a scanner with a data...
  3. H

    Remote Scanner Control Software

    I'm looking for software to remotely control and listen to a BCD996T. The listening post is in a valley and I need to put the scanner at a higher location a couple of miles from my building. The setup will be on a LAN, and will use IP addresses inside our building. Thus, it will not use...