1. M

    TRX-1: Best Way to store NXDN Railroad freqs/and digital settings for them

    Hello everybody, I will be taking a railfanning trip later this week to a familiar area (first time railfanning with the TRX-1) I would consider myself an intermediate guru, owner of the trx1 for 7 months, this is my 4th digital trunking scanner of multiple brands, I know my way around...
  2. K

    Pro-651: PRO 651 Object Not Playing In Scanlist

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm using the correct terms so please bear with me. I'm in Sacramento, CA. I have everything set up and working fine except one object/channel/frequency won't play during scanning but it plays fine during manual mode. I have it selected for the same scan...
  3. T

    TRX-2: Easy method for importing and splitting P25's into multiple scanlists

    The trial and error way I ended up doing mine is that I imported the entire P25 system into scanlist 001. 1. I went through and clicked on most all the trunk ID's that I knew I wasn't interested in, and clicked "REMOVE", *not* delete. Better not to click delete, just remove. 2. Then I...
  4. D

    PSR-800: rename scanlist

    I cannot find any way to rename the 151-200 scanlist. In the program it appears as 0 and nothing can change it. Downloading location library will fill in some of these lists and place an alpha tag on the scanner, but will not alpha tag the software when copying from scanner to computer. How can...
  5. C

    European VHF LB stations.

    Hi there, I'm lokking for informations about VHF LB stations. I found these on last few days: 32,0000 PL=218,1Hz 34,1625 PL=71,9Hz, 82,5Hz 34,2875 PL=94,8Hz 34,4000 PL=127,3Hz 34,7625 PL=71,9Hz 34,825 PL=82,5Hz Few of these sound like hungarian dispatch but I'm not sure. If someone knows please...
  6. rvacs

    Scanlist - ?? PSR-600 - PSREDIT500

    Ok got 2 new PSR-600 models. Got several systems loaded into the scanner from PSREDIT 500 - trunked and non-trunked. Made several Scanlist. Found out to turn on or off (TOGGLE) a scan list while scanning just hit the number. And on double digit like 15 you hit FUNC + 5. But how do you get...