scanner cast

  1. B

    K1PGV's Scanner Cast v0.14 Updating RR Feed Config...

    Have been saying This for over 24hrs. I'm Using Windows 10. Can Here Scanner via PC. Once i pressed on start broadcast this has been there ever since. (Updating RR Feed Config...) I'm doing the Audio Only (No Tags Support) Set up.
  2. W

    Scanner cast RR configuration won't configure.

    Scanner cast configuration where you log into RadioReference will not load for me everytime I try to start me feed it says the program has failed to inialize. I am not sure what my problem is I have updated Frame works I have gone onto Scammer casts website its self and updated the program. I am...
  3. NFR85

    How do I setup Alpha Tags with Scanner cast

    I have two feeds I’m broadcasting. One is a BCD996XT and the other is a BCD996T. Is there a way to setup alpha tags on both of them so my listeners can see who is talking. I noticed there a several threads but I cannot seem to find one that will guide me in the right direction for step by step...