scanner feed

  1. L

    Vance County Live Scanner Feed

    Hi I wanted to share a feed not listed here or on broadcastify. It is for Vance County, NC ( Henderson ) Streams police, fire & EMS viper Regards, Johnny
  2. SlipNutz15

    Mobile Radio vs Scanner for feed

    I looked around for threads before asking. Is there anything against using a mobile radio with a headphone out port (like a TK880) for a scanner feed? I understand that dangers of overloading a soundcard with too high volumes, etc, but I have one sitting around and was thinking about using it...
  3. fwfdengine2

    Eden Prairie Communications

    From the looks of the status on the Eden Prairie Police and Fire feed saying "THIS FEED IS DONE!" I think there is a great chance that it's not coming back online. Is there someone else that would be willing to host the feed? EP-FMAIN EP-FGND1 EP-FGND2 EP-FGND3 EP-FGND4 EP-PTRL1 Thank you...
  4. J

    .Net Error

    Hello all, I am trying to get my feed up and running. I was initially able to get the feed started but with no audio just static and I was receiving several various ScannerCast errors. So I thought I would eliminate the problem by uninstalling .Net and reinstalling. Well now I have the new...
  5. Y

    Ongoing hum

    i installed new feed hardware - and feed is running - just like old software. It still has terrible hum - and the hum IS NOT from scanner - but hum is on the line into computer. I bought the ground loop isolator and other stuff recommended when I joined and asked this question about four months...
  6. fwfdengine2

    FWFD Feed?

    Hi, Is anyone able to put up a scanner feed for Fort Worth Fire? Channels 1 - 7? Any reply is welcome, thanks fwfdengine2
  7. Stavro35

    Seattle area scanner feed down

    Hi all My feed was working just fine earlier. Now all of a sudden, it's a no go. I was going through Gordon at I tried e mailing him. And the email bounced. This is/was my address I was/am using Nicecast My feed covers the...
  8. M

    mplsradio live feed

    just letting ppl know that i'm broadcasting a live feed in minneapolis/stpaul mn area in Hennepin County, Minnesota Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners click the top one where it says mplsradio on the discription
  9. jr63049

    Jefferson County Fire Online Scanner Feed

    There is a new scanner feed located at . It constantly broadcasts Jefferson County Fire, South County Fire, and several EMS channels. Occasionally, there will be other agencies heard from around the area. Please visit and have a listen...