scanner frequencies

  1. J

    2017 Thunderbird Freq

    Got to listen to the Thunderbirds in Spokane WA last weekend. Only using two frequencies which is great. Start up + Taxi (All Jets) and Solos freq: 235.25 Diamond: 141.185 Hope you all have a great end of the summer! Jay
  2. KC9RDO

    Tri-County frequencies for Scanner

    Can anybody direct me--where can I find frequencies for Elkhart County, St. Joseph County and La Grange. Back in 90's it is was so simple. Now it's complicated. Elkhart PD using Digital Radio System. So I need all help I can get. Thanks in advance!
  3. V

    Bonney Lake Police (washington state)

    I Understand that the Bonney Lake police has went to the trunking freqs... Do anyone have any idea on what they might be.. Talk groups or anything.. Im lost.. This Happened no more then three days ago. If you cant find that information here, where can you find it?