scanner programming

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    Bcd325p2 programming

    What’s up everyone, I recently purchased a preprogrammed Uniden bearcat BCD325p2... is there anyway I can put individual frequencies into different banks and scan them at a time?? for example, if I wanted to listen to the one cities police and fire frequencies.. then go to another cities...
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    Need some help figuring out how to manually program a Viper system.

    I own a couple of Uniden BCD436HP radios and have manually programmed them to everything around me. Given almost all of the systems are Motorola Smartzone II. Just recently a neighboring county went from all conventional to the Viper system and I have a couple of questions that I hope someone...
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    AR8200 Scan banks disappeared

    Hi All, I have recently changed programming software for the AR8200. I was using Greenlight, but that stopped working. I have since brought Butel ARC8200V2. However, I downloaded from the scanner fine. BUT uploading (using the delete band first option shown in the instructions) has resulted in...
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    Using Butel Software with Windows 10

    I've installed Butel Scanning Software on a new HP computer that has Windows 10 Version 1709. When I plug in the USB1 I get an error message that says, "Serial port is not available or used by other software." What is the solution for this? I'm unable to even find the device manager so that I...
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    Need Help Uniden BCD-536HP - Las Vegas

    Hello, I just purchased this scanner and after doing all the Sentinel Database & Firmware updates I downloaded it into the scanner. For some reason I am not receiving the Nevada Highway Patrol & EOC. I am not sure if the database never included it or not? When I stream this feed online it's...
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    New GRE 500 Scanner. Need Help Please.

    Just bought new GRE 500 Scanner. Looking for some suggestions on programming it. Not like programming the old Bearcat programming channel method. Any suggestions. Thank you for any information. Have a nice day.
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    Can You Splain This To Me?

    Just ordered a Pro-106 and thought I'd brush up on my radio knowledge. Wow! Things have changed since the days of my "programmable" Pro-2005 with 400 channels! Can you help me define the following terms in common English, perhaps telling me what one term has to do with the other? These are...
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    Help with BC346XT

    Can someone please help or point me in the right direction? I've had plenty of scanners but I guess I'm to dumb for the BC346XT. I have channels programmed into the scanner, It's trunked and It's working fine. I have freescan and the premium service for RR. So for my problem, I live in a...
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    Programming Help for York Co SC

    I have the digital scanner the firmware needs to be updated and have 2 other scanners to be programmed with the new York County Syetem...can anyone help? We are willing to pay to have the software upgraded and scanners programmed. Thank you