scan/search not working

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    BC346XT ID SCAN/ID Search not working.

    I have had my Uniden BC346XT for a few years now it has worked great. I have programmed several trunked talk groups from the Milwaukee County Public Safety system, as well as several conventional railroad frequencies. Lately when scanning both systems, the trunked system doesn't seem to always...
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    Need help, pro 93 wont scan anymore

    Hello, ive had my 93 for about 1 week now. It worked fine for 3 days then for some odd reason it stopped scanning all my channels. It wont even scan the pre programmed police/fire or ham bands. Ive tried initializing and a manual reboot. Nothing seems to work. Can someone please help.....
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    Bcd996t Buttons on Keypad fix

    Scan/Search, Hold/Resume, pri, wx, gps, menu and L/O buttons stopped working. the problem was the ribbon cable going from the circuit board to the display had come loose. I checked it when I first opened the radio, but it felt secure. By gently releasing the ribbon clip at the display end it...