1. N

    Optocom, Spectrum Commander IX, ScanCAT Gold - config tips needed

    I've had an OS535-equipped Pro-2035 for many years - got the board as a Christmas gift way back when and installed it in my scanner. The control package I used was ScanStar SE. Installed it on a Win-Workgroups 3.11 box, connected everything together and let 'er rip. Ran that setup for a long...
  2. N5FDL

    Help with Spectrum Manager?

    Hello: Signal Intelligence/ScanStar is not helping me with a problem that is crashing their Spectrum Manager software on WinXP using an Icom 2500 as the radio. The software starts (that took some doing), the radio turns on and begins scanning. The first time the radio stops on a frequency I get...