1. T

    AntennaCraft Brand-New In-The-Box Scantenna Available

    For those who may be searching for the elusive Antennacraft Scantenna, I just came upon a listing for a brand-new one on eBay. I have absolutely no affiliation with the seller and am simply posting the information here in case a Radio Reference scanner antenna forum reader may be interested...
  2. D

    Newbie Antenna question

    Howdy all, I'll start out first by saying I have ZERO knowledge about antenna building. So with that in mind, I'll apologize in advance if this is a really dumb question... I have a Scantenna ST-2 that got damaged a few days ago and when I went to order a new one I learned that they are no...
  3. S

    Trouble Receiving 800mhz

    I just purchased the st-2 antenna and have mounted it to the roof of my house probably near 30 feet high. The st-2 works great on receiving conventional frequencies both close by and further away. The issue i have is that anything on the 800 band will not come in. At the best the scanner will...
  4. K

    Maximum distance with a yagi? / Scantenna radiation pattern

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be putting up a Scantenna pretty soon and am thinking of putting up a yagi with it too and I was just wondering what type of range could be expected with a good yagi? I would like to pick up Springfield's 800 mhz system but live 70 miles from their tower. My mast is...
  5. P

    Scantenna distance question???

    i was wondering.. i have a Uniden BC95XLT hooked up to a Scantenna in my attic (to protect from outside) my question is... how far will my antenna reach to get a decent signal???. im really looking for air frequencies.. i can reach about.. oh i dont know... 30 miles away with Badley intl. ...
  6. hoser147

    Question For those who Had a Scantenna Break

    Hey all, Just wanted some input from those that have the scantenna or those that had it till it broke on them. Ive got mine inside and want to come up with a way to refurb it so it will take the elements and the wind mother nature puts out. Did yours Break at the plastic piece in the middle?? I...