1. coolbikr4684

    Tk-690/Tk-790/Tk-890 dual band dual head schematic

    Does any have a schematic for an KRK-8DBH or a clear picture of the circuit board in the back. I have a KRK-7DB but trying to see what is needed since I have SMDs and other small parts. I would like to buy an actual KRK-8DBH but this is for a radio set I have in my personal vehicle for my...
  2. J

    Need schematic of audio section HomePatrol 1

    I've got a homepatrol 1 with an audio problem, not the speaker. I need any type of schematic available for the audio section and headphone / line out jacks. Parts list for this area would be great too. I've done a lot of googling to no avail. Thanks.
  3. J

    BC800 XLT schematic wanted

    Hello, all. I have an old BC800XLT with a dim display and it won't receive anything. I have read the stuff about capacitor replacement, but it's hard to figure out where everything is without a road map. Anyone have a schematic/service manual? Or is there a source for such an animal? I've...