1. S

    Union College - Schenectady

    Hi Everyone: I can't seem to find Union College in Schenectady on the RR database. Am I missing something? I know that I used to listen to them. I live less than a mile away from campus.If I remember correctly they were on the same frequency once upon a time as Rotterdam Square Mall Security (I...
  2. lafd55

    schenectady update??

    Anyone have any updates regarding Schenectady's P25 status? It was discussed earlier this year that it was switching then but so far I am still picking them up as analog. Has there been a funding or infrastructure problem? Or maybe something else?
  3. KD2DLL

    In need of programing

    I am from Schenectady NY area and am buying a cp185 radio. I need to get it programed. Does anyone know a good place I can go or a online store that I can trust to send it to to have it programed? Also if it would be cheaper or close to the same price to get the stuff to program it by myself I...