1. JamesPrine

    Uniden 980 SSB microphone hanger

    Loving my new Uniden 980 SSB transceiver. Have it mounted on a vintage Kamel Kriket hump-mount with the built-in speaker and microphone hanger. But, I'd like to use the little metal microphone hanger mounted to the radio itself. One was in the box, but the two included screws were obviously...
  2. D

    Pro-96: Replace Red Screw

    Hi I have been having issues with my pro 96. It first started with not receiving signal. I took my scanner apart and seen that the antenna came unsoldered so I resolder it back together. I still didn't get signal so I started messing with the red screw. turned it on and it started receiving...
  3. N

    Plastic tapping screws

    There is a kind of screw that was used by GE to screw in to plastic. They were used inside of Mastr II and other radios, to hold speaker cases together, and to hold plastic cased control heads together. A selection of them was also included for use in mobile installs with each mobile radio...