1. SDRplay RSP1A SDR Receiver

    SDRplay RSP1A SDR Receiver

    This is the SDRplay RSP1A SDR Receiver. This unit is in excellent condition. Full information is available here: Software (free) is available here: Price: $55 Free shipping to any USA address. No international orders. FOB...
  2. SDRPlay RSPdx Wideband SDR

    SDRPlay RSPdx Wideband SDR

    This SDR had a reasonably brief stay here. I am the original owner. It is in excellent condition and was always used indoors in a non-smoking environment. Includes original box. This does NOT include a USB cable; SDRPlay did not include them. You must provide a standard good quality USB cable...
  3. StaRipper

    DSDPlus DSDPlus 2.256 with SDRPlay RSP1.

    Hello friends, Got DSDPlus 2.256 (Fastlane) ... With my RTL_SDR v3 Dongle it's working fine and decoding P25 Phase II. But, when i try to do it with my SDRPlay RSP1 i get the below message: --------------------------- FMPP 1.13 -i1 -o20001 ERROR --------------------------- Can't open...
  4. J

    SDRplay announces a new SDR receiver - the RSPdx

    SDRplay has announced a new SDR - the RSPdx: The RSPdx is a replacement for the highly successful RSP2 and RSP2pro SDR receivers, which have been extensively redesigned to provide enhanced performance with additional and improved pre-selection filters, improved intermodulation performance, the...
  5. J

    RSPduo diversity HF signal enhancement demo

    I put up a second HF vertical today to check our RSPduo diversity for HF. More about the results here: SDRplay HF Diversity demo using 2 verticals and an RSPduo – SDRplay SDRplay HF Diversity demo using 2 verticals and an RSPduo – SDRplay
  6. S

    Mobile setups for DSDplus

    Just proved a concept I wanted to try a long time ago - a mobile setup that is comparable to a high-end radio scanner, but which costs much less. Hardware: ASUS T100 tablet (runs Windows 10, has quad-core x86 Intel CPU and 2GB RAM) SDRPlay RSP 1 900 MHz rubber ducky antenna Software: DSDplus...
  7. Q

    MacBook Pro SDR Software advice

    Hello, I recently replaced tired 13" Dell XPS with 13" MacBook Pro as a "traveling" PC. Some changes have to me made. Looking for advice for best software to use on Mac with SDRplay RSP1A and RTL-SDR v3 dongle. Any suggestion from Mac users will be most appreciated. Regards Chris
  8. J

    SDRuno diversity software for SDRplay RSPduo being demonstrated at Dayton

    This weekend at Hamvention (Dayton, Ohio) Andy, Mike and Steve from SDRplay will be showing an early version of Diversity reception running in SDRuno with an RSPduo. Above: New diversity reception controls in SDRuno demo shown in Dayton The RSPduo gives users the ability to implement...
  9. countZZer0

    Kenwood, Yaesu & Icom, Oh My

    The KD9LTQ shack: Kenwood TS-590SG Yaesu FT-991A Kenwood TM-V71A (2 meters / 70 cm full duplex) Icom IC-2300H (2 meters) Yaesu FTM-3207DR (70 cm) Kenwood TH-D72A (2 meters / 70 cm full duplex) Baofeng BF‑F8HP AirSpy HF+ SDRPlay RSP-1A SDRPlay RSP-2 Pro...
  10. J

    EXTIO plug-in for the RSPduo now available

    SDRplay have announced the release of the ExtIO plugin for the RSPduo. This release uses the latest API (v3.01) which has also been updated. The plugin will work both in single tuner as well as dual tuner mode so multiple applications can use the same RSPduo at the same time. The plugin...
  11. J

    SDRplay video showing non windows workflow

    SDRplay have released a video showing how to get started with the non windows work flow for RSP receivers. The video is a step-by-step guide to the installation process for people using non-windows platforms such as Linux or Raspberry Pi and who want to build their own configuration (i.e. not...
  12. J

    SDRplay RSPduo review available to download

    Mike Richards’ review of the RSPduo, which appeared in the July 2018 edition of RadCom is now available to download from: In it Mike writes: “The RSPduo represents the top-end of the SDRplay RSP...
  13. J

    Updated SDRplay libraries for non-windows workflows

    SDRplay have released updated software support for the RSP1, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro and the new RSPduo for multiple platforms. As part of our plans to increase the software support for the RSPduo, we have updated 2 key libraries to enable single tuner mode functionality using API 2.13 on all...
  14. J

    Signal Adaption using dual-tuner RSPduo

    Over on YouTube, ICAS enterprises have posted a video demonstrating “Signal Adaption” using an RSPduo. This is one of the new capabilities offered by a Dual-Tuner SDR and is a good example of the kind of feature SDRplay will be adding to their own SDRuno software in a future release. This...
  15. J

    Gain and AGC controls in SDRuno

    This video explains in detail how the Gain and AGC controls work in SDRuno in conjunction with the RSP family of SDRs from SDRplay:
  16. J

    SDRplay downloadable SD-Card Image for Raspberry Pi3 Model B+

    The SDRplay downloadable Raspberry Pi SD-card image has been updated to include support for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ device. This provides plug and play SDR functionality using Cubic SDR and remote access to an RSP using Soapy Remote More information and the link to the downloadable image can be...
  17. J

    More Video Guides to SDRplay RSPs

    The latest edition of TX Factor is an "SDR special" - it includes an intro into setting up an RTL-SDR dongle and shows the RSP2 and RSP1A in action at recent UK events - you can view it on The latest version of SDRuno now has preset ham band buttons to "auto-range"...
  18. J

    SoapySDRplay has now been updated to include support for the SDRplay RSP1A

    SoapySDRplay has now been updated to include support for the RSP1A. Vincent Sonnier also helped to make some improvements to CubicSDR for the RF gain display. Antenna selection for the RSP2 in CubicSDR has also been improved. See** for details.
  19. J

    New 14-bit SDR from SDRplay - the RSP1A

    SDRplay Limited has today announced the launch of a new Software Defined Radio product – the RSP1A. The SDR-play RSP1A is a major upgrade to the popular RSP1 and is a powerful wideband full featured 14-bit SDR which covers the RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz. Due to its exceptional combination...
  20. J

    SDRuno version 1.21 was released yesterday

    SDRplay has just released an update to SDRuno - version 1.21 is now out. It includes a number of improvements and bug fixes to the recent major upgrade - Version 1.2 These include: 1. Restored VFO button for centring of the VFO on the SP1 display 2. Changed the default step size for...