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  1. R

    Uniden SDS Scanner Mac Software Research

    Hi All, I've worked on a simple Mac OS software that allows me to read in my favorites list, easily rename them, edit the departments/frequencies etc... from my SDS100. But it should work on the 200 too. I keep seeing that everyone on Mac is busy installing Windows Mirror and then installing...
  2. Uniden SDS 100 with upgrades

    Uniden SDS 100 with upgrades

    Austin is going encrypted and that means I have less need for a P25 trunking scanner. I'm offering my SDS 100 which has rarely left the house. Good news: It has the upgrades for ProVoice, DMR/MotoTRBO, and NXDN already activated. Bad news. There's no box, original antenna, or belt clip...
  3. A

    SDS100/SDS200: bc-gps and sds100

    When plugging the bc-sgps into the sds100 (or any scanner), should the power on the scanner be off and the bc-sgps plugged into the power source already? After you plug in your bc-sgps cable to the scanner, you then turn the scanner on. Or does it matter if the scanner is already on and working...
  4. F

    SDS100/SDS200: Unknown Department with Unknown TGID

    I did try searching on this, unfortunately the terms are so common, it's possible I missed this being discussed previously amongst all the search results. I entered in a new system called "Brandmeister DMR" and then added one department called "Brandmeister Network" that contains a bunch of BM...
  5. S

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 programming

    Regarding scanning in Michigan MSPSC digital system. I don’t want to monitor the whole system. I only want to monitor the counties in the south east part of the state. How do I stop the SDS 100 from scanning the whole state and only scanning what I want I’ve tried putting them in individually...
  6. F

    SDS100/SDS200: Regional settings decimal separator Sentinel bug

    As Uniden is unable to identify and resolve this bug for at least 10 years now can you please help test this one Sentinel software - Reconstructing full database failed message From my experience when the decimal separator is , - issue occurs. When you switch to . it disappears. Can you please...
  7. L

    SDS100/SDS200: Sds100 dmr

    Hello I’ve been thinking of doing the dmr Upgrade on my sds100. Lately I’ve been locking onto channels when scanning and I hear just white noise. Is there a way to identify if that is Dmr. My reasoning for the upgrade would be to get access to those but if not dmr I still won’t be able to listen.
  8. B

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 drops last .5 second of each received audio

    Hello ! Scenario: Just purchased a preowned and operating SDS100 from a reputable Ham Radio store and it is all updated per Sentinel software to latest firmware. Also own the SDS200, which does not have this issue. Possibly a setting in my SDS100 is the problem. I programmed my SDS100...
  9. woodtrol

    SDS100/SDS200: GPS stopped, not displaying, working.

    I’m using a relatively new gps kit from uniden, connected to an sds100. Latest firmware. I’ve had the radio for a few days and I have it set up in a vehicle. It worked great until today and the gps stopped. I’ve tried all I know to do, is there a way to troubleshoot the gps, like see the...
  10. T

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS 100: locking on to Local Law TAC Channels & doesn’t scan- help

    I’m not sure what is going on with My SDS 100, it just started to lock on to my Local Law TAC Channels (3 Channels) and will not scan. On the TAC Channels all you hear is Cracking and Popping. When I start the scanner, it loads my favorites & then one of the TAC channels stays on & above the...
  11. kudzu_kid

    SDS 200 Hierarchy :: Explain It Like I'm 5!

    Sorry folks, I'm old and medicated. Can someone please explain the programming taxonomy / hierarchy of the SDSXXX radios? I have a SDS200 and tend to confuse myself between the differences of a Profile or a FL (Favorites List). I have that manual made easy book - but there's nothing - even in...
  12. JimD56

    REDO April 2023 Shack with Zetron Model 27

    Ok, the Shack with the Zetron Model 27 Receiver Monitor is Complete. Purchased "BRAND NEW" with all parts and connections off of eBay. I'm so glad I went with the Model 27 vice the music/DJ style previous Mixer. The sound quality/clarity is amazing and the "Blinking" active and "Solid" Mute...
  13. F

    SDS100/SDS200: Scanning order seems to jump around

    I have a favorites list of analog stuff to scan. Watching the screen, the scanner seems to jump back and forth a lot instead of progressing through the scan list progressively. I did a test where in the favorite list I only had two systems, each department had a couple of departments, each...
  14. kf6olc

    SDS100/SDS200: Where’s the Nationwide/Statewide/County system tree on the SDS 100 sentinel software?

    I’m have a problem with my sentinel software. Normally when I click on the Nationwide/Statewide/County Systems tree. I would click on the Plus or Minus and the information on the system would extend out. As of today I can‘t any of the city radio frequencies or county systems. How do I go about...
  15. K

    SDS100/SDS200: Trunking Discovery Not Working?

    Trying to use trunking discovery on a P25 Phase 2 system that has unencrypted talk groups. Worked in the past, but is now not recording them. Here are my settings, anything wrong? Set Delay: 0 sec, Set Logging: All, Set Compare To Database: On, Set Record Duration: 120 sec, Set Time-Out Timer...
  16. EricRF

    SDS100/SDS200: Motorboating, Thrumming, ummmmm...

    Hi all... a beginner here craving knowledge and enlightenment. But I'll settle for some assistance. When I put a set of headphones on my ears (connected to my SDS100), I'm hearing what I've seen called "thrumming" or "motorboating" sound (to me, "thrumming" seems more accurate) on certain...
  17. EricRF

    SDS100/SDS200: Newbie Quick Key Question

    Hello all... Just got my SDS100, and it's pretty slick. Of course, there's a learning curve, so I'm here with probably a dumb question about quick keys & scanning. I have three favorite lists each with its own FLQK. Two of the lists are for local police departments with conventional systems...
  18. SDS-100 w/Rem-820s antenna

    SDS-100 w/Rem-820s antenna

    SDS-100, like new, perfect working condition. Have Remtronix REM-820S antenna and a cheap amazon antenna for vhf/uhf. Have the box. Would like to get $550obo
  19. ToDaMax

    A "Mostly" Complete Favorites List for Public Safety in Wisconsin

    Hello! This was done using Uniden Sentinel software for SDS100/SDS200/BCD436HP/BCD536HP. I do not know how compatible this will be with other scanners, and I do not have the means to test it out. Apologies in advance. I am here to share a pet project I've been working on for some time. As a...
  20. M

    Looking for SDS100 in like new condition

    Preferably located within the Phoenix/Mesa area. List what you have, condition and price.