sds 200

  1. kudzu_kid

    SDS 200 Hierarchy :: Explain It Like I'm 5!

    Sorry folks, I'm old and medicated. Can someone please explain the programming taxonomy / hierarchy of the SDSXXX radios? I have a SDS200 and tend to confuse myself between the differences of a Profile or a FL (Favorites List). I have that manual made easy book - but there's nothing - even in...
  2. JimD56

    REDO April 2023 Shack with Zetron Model 27

    Ok, the Shack with the Zetron Model 27 Receiver Monitor is Complete. Purchased "BRAND NEW" with all parts and connections off of eBay. I'm so glad I went with the Model 27 vice the music/DJ style previous Mixer. The sound quality/clarity is amazing and the "Blinking" active and "Solid" Mute...
  3. dave3825

    Inside a TV and Radio station

    Interesting set up.
  4. gloucester

    ProScan: ProScan SDS 200

    I am having issues with ProScan version 20.6 shutting down and being unable to reopen the scanner display in the software. I start it up and I get the error that it is unable to open comm. port 28. Nothing else is assigned the comm port. Rather than open the rest of the way and let me check for...
  5. Uniden SDS-200 [SOLD]

    Uniden SDS-200 [SOLD]

    For sale a gently used Uniden SDS-200 base/mobile scanner. Included in this sale is the scanner, original packaging (most of it), manual, cigarette lighter cord, USB cable, wall wart power supply, mounting bracket, and antenna. DMR/MotoTRBO has been enabled on this scanner. Payments accepted...
  6. ToDaMax

    A "Mostly" Complete Favorites List for Public Safety in Wisconsin

    Hello! This was done using Uniden Sentinel software for SDS100/SDS200/BCD436HP/BCD536HP. I do not know how compatible this will be with other scanners, and I do not have the means to test it out. Apologies in advance. I am here to share a pet project I've been working on for some time. As a...
  7. kudzu_kid

    SDS200: SDS200 Not Getting In Serial Mode

    So this is a new problem for me. I usually only randomly update my database. Usually between every 3-6 months. I tried to update earlier this evening. I got the press the "." or "E" screen. Hit "." and it paused momentarily and then proceeded to scan as normal!! If I hit "E" that seems...
  8. J

    WTB SDS 100 or 200

    Looking for a 100 or 200 in good working condition. Don't have to be perfect on appearance, but as long as it works. I am newer to the scanner world and currently listen on an app on the phone. If anyone has something let me know.
  9. K

    SDS100: SDS100 Text Colour

    Why does it go back to the default text colour with a Sentinel update?
  10. R

    SDS200 vs TRX2

    Hi, I live in York County, just to the NW of the City of York. I am currently running a TRX-2. I am thinking about purchasing a SDS200 with my Tax refund. Before I do, I would like some feedback. With the TRX-2, I am getting all 4 simulcasts of York County, although York Central, West and North...
  11. SDS200 With DMR Upgrade

    SDS200 With DMR Upgrade

    ** SOLD! THANKS, MARK! ** Excellent condition, works as advertised. Includes original box and accessories, with the exception of the manual. It was misplaced in a recent move, unfortunately. DMR upgrade as you can see in the picture. Let me know if you have questions. No returns, not interested...
  12. For Sale:  SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades  (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN) Works great, looks new. Newest firmware and newest database update. I am only selling it, because of the holidays coming up and need some extra money. It is currently programmed for my area. I am only asking $675 for...
  13. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Using Close Call, How Do I lockout 162.0-163.0 range?

    Using Close Call, How Do I lockout 162.0-163.0 range? It is picking up the WX station band, and I have no idea how to avoid them during a close call search, without locking out the whole band. There any way I can just skip that freq range, while doing a close call search?
  14. KI5UFO

    WTT Uniden SDS200

    Good morning I just recently purchased a new car and don't particularly feel like drilling holes to get my 200 mounted so I'm looking to trade it for a SDS100 so mobile mounting won't be as tedious or damaging. It has the DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice paid upgrades and looking for a handheld with the...
  15. W5DON

    SDS100 or SDS200 Wanted

    Cash, swap, partial swap. I have stuff. Don / W5DON
  16. *Sold* SDS 200 w/DMR activated

    *Sold* SDS 200 w/DMR activated

    ***SOLD*** Good evening everyone, Listing for sale my SDS 200 with DMR activated. Comes with a 32 GB SanDisk Extreme V30 A2 SD card, origional box and accessories in the photos. This unit was used indoors in my office since its purchase in June 2019. I used primarly for monitoring the CSPD...
  17. kudzu_kid

    SDS200: Probably Not Understanding A Basic Thing?

    Hi All, I'm relatively new with my SDS200, I bought last month. I've had very little time to read up on DMA tech or much detailed op of the scanner. My previous scanner was a yellow portable Uniden of some sort with a fixed # of "channels" with a ducky*. I bought that thing maybe 20 years...
  18. kudzu_kid

    Sentinel favorites lists and DB updates Was: Neophyte RR DB Question

    Hi, Pardon the n00bish question here. I've had my scanner (Uniden SDS200) for about 3 weeks. My time to parse the RR threads and the fair to poor scanner manual is rather limited. To my question(s): Once I have my scanner configured to my liking (unwanted stuff is AVOIDed on scanner, some...
  19. WX9RLT

    SDS200: SDS200 On Aircraft Bands

    I have saw many saying the SDS200 is not good on the Aircraft Band. I want to tell you about my experience. I will explain my setup real quick. SDS200 with stock antenna (Sitting on the table inside the house) Uniden 536 with a special built j-pole that is tuned specifically to the aircraft...
  20. kudzu_kid

    Railfanning antenna vs stock

    Hi All! So I recently purchased a SDS200. Still learning how to program the thing beyond just the database for my area. It's a different animal. Come a long way from banks and channels of 30 years ago. But I do know how to quickly narrow it down to scanning just rail freqs when I want to...