sds200 dmr

  1. WX9RLT

    SDS200 DMR Help

    Hi, I tried searching the forums, and didn't find what I was searching for. I apologize if it is already posted. If so, please post the links! I just upgraded my SDS200 with the DMR upgrade. I programmed a freq. in that I know is DMR, but it is not decoding it. What am I missing? There a...
  2. Uniden SDS200 with DMR **SOLD**

    Uniden SDS200 with DMR **SOLD**

    For Sale : SDS200 with DMR Upgrade . In great condition with small scratch next to mounting hole. Hidden by the bracket. Includes antenna, MicroSD, 12v power cord, AC adapter, USB programming cable , owners manual. Staticdischarge "hum " mod was performed. Free USPS Priority Mail to CONUS...
  3. dnadareski

    SDS200 with DMR - question about DMR scanning

    I need some help with DMR scanner programming. I have SDS200 with DMR upgrade. I am trying to scan Dee Bus Company. According to, I found WQXG423 They have 2 frequencies, 463.55 and 468.55. Dee has 2 locations, Shirley, MA and Townsend, MA Both locations use the same frequency pair...