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    Current San Diego Zoo Frequencies

    I was down in Balboa Park this morning when my wife attended an orchid show. I tried to monitor the San Diego Zoo radio frequencies without luck. (The last time I did so was on 10-24-15 and I was able to hear all of them with no trouble.) Have the frequencies changed or have they changed to a...
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    Update: San Diego Zoo Radio Frequencies

    My particular listening interest is the San Diego Zoo’s UHF radio traffic. (See “Monitoring the Wild Side” in the June 2012 issue of MONITORING TIMES.) Last May, JoeyC helped me identify two of the Zoo’s primary frequencies (Security and Animal Services), which were recently changed from...
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    San Diego Safari Park

    Does anyone have the new San Diego Safari Park frequencies or know how to find them? I live near the area but I'm not sure how to set my 396XT scanner up so I can search for them. Thanks