secret service

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    Federal scanning - Secret service.

    We had VIP activity at KCID yesterday. The typical freqs were in use, 165.375, 164.8875, 12.5khz bandwidth. Whats new are the every 10-30 second beacons from each station. Each freq in use has the short beacons on it while they are active. Before and after this was gone. Sounds like some type of...
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    HP-2: Secret Service

    The president is in town and I was trying to listen to any activity on my HP-2. I see in RadioReference that there are Secret Service frequencies but I cannot find them in the Homepatrol database. Are they there and I just haven't seen them or will I have to use Sentinel and manually add them...
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    VP Biden coming to University of Illinois

    VP Biden coming to University of Illinois in Urbana to the CIRC bldg. on Thursday 4-23-2015. does anybody have any freqs for Air Force 2 that he will be coming in on and any secret service freqs to monitor. All help appreciated. Thanks Scott (OLEPOPS)