selective call tone

  1. J

    Quick call II interrupting dispatcher

    Hey all, my fire dept uses QCII for paging and I have a 1250 model radio. I can program the channels to alert for just what I want, but the alert tone will keep on alerting over the dispatcher. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  2. Quik-Call03B74

    Inquiry for Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling Information (2+2 2-Tone Sequential Paging)

    Hello, I am 911 Telecommunicator/Radio Collector that has taken special interest in Motorola Quik-Call™ 2+2 (QC-I) paging. I own 3 Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling T1251-B units, as well as 2 Zetron Model 25 consoles, and a Midian Electronics PDE-1 Encoder which also encodes QC-I. I am...
  3. M

    Finding 'duotone' mhz?

    Is there a reference for selective call tones (the two tones of different pitches used to activate emergency pagers)? I am curious about Phillips County, as well as a few other counties.