sentinel hp-1

  1. VK3YMML

    HomePatrol-1 Scanner Setup after Sentinel Writing

    Hi all, I recently obtained a Home Patrol-1 and have been programming in frequencies via the Sentinel software without any issues. However, just recently I removed the cable from the side of the scanner and each time it reboots it wishes to run the scanner setup process. Have I missed...
  2. J

    Sentinel HomePatrol won't let me set alerts

    HP-1 version 2 Don't have extreme update I have firmware 2.06 dbase 4-30-17 help 12-7-11 esn 36326-038004742-0FF s/n 363z36004742 From what I read in sentinel's user manual, I should be able to set and adjust alerts for channels. (not the weather alerts). Easier manual says: Channel Alerts...