serial cable

  1. Schwartzm9039

    WIN97 - Serial port comm to PC/IF on the PRO97 (Baud, parity, stop bits, etc)

    Does anyone set a particular baud rate, stop bit, and parity setting when using WIN97 [on Windows 2000, or XP] with the OEM Radio Shack PC/IF to serial cable? Does WIN97 prefer to be registered and paid for to work correctly during the evaluation period? I keep a laptop with a dual boot system...
  2. C

    Minitor V Programming

    I have researched for a few days now both here and on the internet in general, forgive me if I've overlooked a thread somewhere in here. I have A Minitor III/IV and V Cradles plus a Pager Interface Box, however I have lost my serial cable over the past few years of moving and changing...