shack photos

  1. R

    Pictures of my radio area

    Unfortunately I don't have a full room of my own yet, but I've got half a room and that's a good start! Here is a wide shot of my desk : A closer view of items on the left : What you are seeing is a Netset Pro 2032 and RadioShack Pro 2036 used for Airband monitoring. The Uniden alarm clock...
  2. Dann

    My Mobile Shack

    This is my 2009 Suzuki Equator Pick-up. The scanners are a BCT-15X and a PSR-800. The 2-meter is a Yaesu FT-1900R. This is a "work in progress" so please excuse the exposed wiring. Thanks for looking!
  3. SteveDouglass


    A photo of my listening post I call KITCHCOM because it is in a corner of my kitchen. Equipment includes: BCD996XT (SATCOM & MILAIR Radio Shack Pro-43 (MILAIR ONLY) BCD396T - Local Public safety and more (APCO 25) Panasonic RF4900 (GHFS & SW broadcasters) Motorola Communications System...