shack photos

  1. JimD56

    REDO April 2023 Shack with Zetron Model 27

    Ok, the Shack with the Zetron Model 27 Receiver Monitor is Complete. Purchased "BRAND NEW" with all parts and connections off of eBay. I'm so glad I went with the Model 27 vice the music/DJ style previous Mixer. The sound quality/clarity is amazing and the "Blinking" active and "Solid" Mute...
  2. JimD56

    MAY 2022 Shack Re-Do

    In my last shack, I had everything in one Rack (Box) an 8U Black Woodgrain Rack (24"hx21w"x16"deep) which took up the whole left side of my corner desk, reducing my workspace. Great for the radios/scanners not good for desk space. In this new change, I found smaller narrow standard rack boxes...
  3. R

    Pictures of my radio area

    Unfortunately I don't have a full room of my own yet, but I've got half a room and that's a good start! Here is a wide shot of my desk : A closer view of items on the left : What you are seeing is a Netset Pro 2032 and RadioShack Pro 2036 used for Airband monitoring. The Uniden alarm clock...
  4. Dann

    My Mobile Shack

    This is my 2009 Suzuki Equator Pick-up. The scanners are a BCT-15X and a PSR-800. The 2-meter is a Yaesu FT-1900R. This is a "work in progress" so please excuse the exposed wiring. Thanks for looking!
  5. SteveDouglass


    A photo of my listening post I call KITCHCOM because it is in a corner of my kitchen. Equipment includes: BCD996XT (SATCOM & MILAIR Radio Shack Pro-43 (MILAIR ONLY) BCD396T - Local Public safety and more (APCO 25) Panasonic RF4900 (GHFS & SW broadcasters) Motorola Communications System...