1. frankbreden

    Spectrum Force 4 Unit Desk Mount

    Looking for a SF 4 unit desk mount. Added 4th SDS 200 to the shack and I currently have a 3 unit. They are sold out online for a while now.
  2. Danny37

    My desk setup 2021

    Finally cleaned up my desk setup and wanted to share it with you all. PORTABLES: UHF Motorola XTS5000 M3 - UHF Vertex EVX-S24 - UHF Icom F62D SCANNERS: RadioShack PRO-163 - Uniden BCD536HP - Whistler TRX-2 Also, got my gaming setup to the left. Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and a charging...
  3. N9JIG

    The Desk Rack of 2021

    For the last few years on my desk I have kept a couple of scanners for day-to-day use. These have generally been in a Scanner Master 4-scanner desk stand. I added a bracket on the side for my SDS100 and would often put an extra radio on top as shown below: On the rear of the panel I use a...
  4. R

    Pictures of my radio area

    Unfortunately I don't have a full room of my own yet, but I've got half a room and that's a good start! Here is a wide shot of my desk : A closer view of items on the left : What you are seeing is a Netset Pro 2032 and RadioShack Pro 2036 used for Airband monitoring. The Uniden alarm clock...
  5. K

    My growing setup.

    Hello all! I have a rather large-ish desk. So I have my 3 screens for my PC for various tasks with troubleshooting and what not in IT. To my right is my laptop, my PRO-652 and my newly mounted TYT TH-9800. Its currently fed to my centerfire discone. I have an efactor dual band coming for it in...
  6. Deziel0495

    Pro-651 and P25

    So I know the 651 can receive P25 Phase 1 systems but there is something in the specs that confuses me. Anyone know what this means? 9600bps control channel trunking systems: No APCO 25 digital trunking systems: Yes From what I read up on P25 digital trunking systems, isn't all control...
  7. W8HDU

    Programming Software: 20-197

    Just curious if anyone has pro/cons about some of the programming software for the 20-197. I have four of them here in our office, two purchased several years ago, and two just recently purchased. I have the PRO106_FIRMWARE21.EXE file to upgrade all of them to the latest and greatest. I...
  8. B

    PRO 2053 scanning but not picking anything up

    Hey guys, I have a 2053 that just came to me a few days ago. I'm having trouble picking up my 800mhz channels. If I scan manually through them they will broadcast, but if I select "scan" it scans through the banks but won't pick anything up. These 800mhz channels are on a Motorolla type I...
  9. A

    My new Command Room and Ham Shack!

    Here are some photo's of my Command room and ham shack. I Have a VHF Motorola Spectra and VHF HT1000,XTS5000, Motorola Minitor 3, Digital Scanner, Vertex 4204 and FT2900, I have a Mac Book Pro and a Toughbook CF19. Tell me what you think of my setup! Thanks!
  10. T

    PRO-404 Overhaul?

    Hi! I have an old PRO-404. The casing is chipped, beltclip socket is broken, and the buttons are fading. Does anyone know if I can order a new casing and or belt-clip AND OR button pad? Is there an RSU# or something? Thanks so much! Sam
  11. murrayustud

    Murray's radio desk (KI4DCR)

    Ok, gang, here's my setup... 5 Motorola Maxtracs, 3 VHF, 2 UHF 2 CDM 1250's One 42-50mhz, one VHF 1 Icom V8000 1 Alinco 220mhz DR235 1 Pro 96 1 Alinco DJ280 (220mhz) 1 Realistic Pro 2006 1 realistic DX 302 HF receiver 2 Motorola Minitor 3's VHF 1 Motorola MTS2000 VHF 2 linked...
  12. G

    Just a Lean Clean Radio Shack

    PRO 2006, Pro 2004, Pro 106, Pro 2096.
  13. KB3SJV

    My Command Center

    Just some pictures of my shack. For Ham equiptment I have a Yaesu Ft-60 portable, Kenwood TM-V71a mobile (using as a base), and a Kenwood TS-820S for HF. For scanners, I have a borrowed RS Pro-95 portable, a RS Pro-163, a Pro-82, and a RS Pro-2037. CBs and FRS I have a Cobra 90 ltd Base that I...
  14. A

    Radio Shack PRO-97 scanner problem

    Hi All, Im new to this forum, i joined in hopes of getting some advice on a problem i have had with my scanner. I hope this is in the right section, if not could a mod please move it. I have had my Radio Shack PRO-97 (1000 channels, triple trunking) for about 3 years now, but about a month ago...
  15. J

    Small Home Shack

    It's small, but it gets the job done. HP Pavilion Radio Shack Pro-433 - Monitors Fort Worth FD and is hooked up to an 800mhz Maxrad Cell Phone Panel Antenna. Yaesu FT-60R - Moniters Benbrook PD/FD and for Skywarn. Uniden 246T - Monitors Fort Worth FD when I'm mobile and it's hooked up to a...
  16. keithmj

    My Shack..Saint Petersburg, Florida

    My modest shack for my streams for Pinellas County, Florida..A Termtex Thin Client, Pro-96, BC246T, BCT15 setup in a spare bedroom. I plan on updating everything after we move. I hope to run just about everything by solar power at that time. Not shown is my other scanners, two Pro-2052, and two...
  17. D

    Help with 20-176 & Belden coax

    I just bought a scanner today.... Radio Shack PRO-136. Yeah, I know it's a cheapy, but I don't mind. Obviously the stock antenna is pretty much crap. So I bought a 20-176, which folks seem to have a lot of good things to say about. My goal is to monitor air frequencies including the control...
  18. F

    What Do You THink Of The Pro-84

    My Opinion the pro-84 is pretty good i bought mine for 40 bucks.
  19. F

    Fannys Shack

    IM A YOUNG GUY JUST STARTIN OUT President jackson cobra xs 19 pyramid phase III power supply audiovox gmrs imperial viii shortwave Bearcat scanner