1. R

    Pictures of my radio area

    Unfortunately I don't have a full room of my own yet, but I've got half a room and that's a good start! Here is a wide shot of my desk : A closer view of items on the left : What you are seeing is a Netset Pro 2032 and RadioShack Pro 2036 used for Airband monitoring. The Uniden alarm clock...
  2. K

    My growing setup.

    Hello all! I have a rather large-ish desk. So I have my 3 screens for my PC for various tasks with troubleshooting and what not in IT. To my right is my laptop, my PRO-652 and my newly mounted TYT TH-9800. Its currently fed to my centerfire discone. I have an efactor dual band coming for it in...
  3. Deziel0495

    Pro-651 and P25

    So I know the 651 can receive P25 Phase 1 systems but there is something in the specs that confuses me. Anyone know what this means? 9600bps control channel trunking systems: No APCO 25 digital trunking systems: Yes From what I read up on P25 digital trunking systems, isn't all control...
  4. W8HDU

    Programming Software: 20-197

    Just curious if anyone has pro/cons about some of the programming software for the 20-197. I have four of them here in our office, two purchased several years ago, and two just recently purchased. I have the PRO106_FIRMWARE21.EXE file to upgrade all of them to the latest and greatest. I...
  5. B

    PRO 2053 scanning but not picking anything up

    Hey guys, I have a 2053 that just came to me a few days ago. I'm having trouble picking up my 800mhz channels. If I scan manually through them they will broadcast, but if I select "scan" it scans through the banks but won't pick anything up. These 800mhz channels are on a Motorolla type I...
  6. A

    My new Command Room and Ham Shack!

    Here are some photo's of my Command room and ham shack. I Have a VHF Motorola Spectra and VHF HT1000,XTS5000, Motorola Minitor 3, Digital Scanner, Vertex 4204 and FT2900, I have a Mac Book Pro and a Toughbook CF19. Tell me what you think of my setup! Thanks!
  7. T

    PRO-404 Overhaul?

    Hi! I have an old PRO-404. The casing is chipped, beltclip socket is broken, and the buttons are fading. Does anyone know if I can order a new casing and or belt-clip AND OR button pad? Is there an RSU# or something? Thanks so much! Sam
  8. murrayustud

    Murray's radio desk (KI4DCR)

    Ok, gang, here's my setup... 5 Motorola Maxtracs, 3 VHF, 2 UHF 2 CDM 1250's One 42-50mhz, one VHF 1 Icom V8000 1 Alinco 220mhz DR235 1 Pro 96 1 Alinco DJ280 (220mhz) 1 Realistic Pro 2006 1 realistic DX 302 HF receiver 2 Motorola Minitor 3's VHF 1 Motorola MTS2000 VHF 2 linked...
  9. G

    Just a Lean Clean Radio Shack

    PRO 2006, Pro 2004, Pro 106, Pro 2096.
  10. KB3SJV

    My Command Center

    Just some pictures of my shack. For Ham equiptment I have a Yaesu Ft-60 portable, Kenwood TM-V71a mobile (using as a base), and a Kenwood TS-820S for HF. For scanners, I have a borrowed RS Pro-95 portable, a RS Pro-163, a Pro-82, and a RS Pro-2037. CBs and FRS I have a Cobra 90 ltd Base that I...
  11. A

    Radio Shack PRO-97 scanner problem

    Hi All, Im new to this forum, i joined in hopes of getting some advice on a problem i have had with my scanner. I hope this is in the right section, if not could a mod please move it. I have had my Radio Shack PRO-97 (1000 channels, triple trunking) for about 3 years now, but about a month ago...
  12. J

    Small Home Shack

    It's small, but it gets the job done. HP Pavilion Radio Shack Pro-433 - Monitors Fort Worth FD and is hooked up to an 800mhz Maxrad Cell Phone Panel Antenna. Yaesu FT-60R - Moniters Benbrook PD/FD and for Skywarn. Uniden 246T - Monitors Fort Worth FD when I'm mobile and it's hooked up to a...
  13. K

    My Shack..Saint Petersburg, Florida

    My modest shack for my streams for Pinellas County, Florida..A Termtex Thin Client, Pro-96, BC246T, BCT15 setup in a spare bedroom. I plan on updating everything after we move. I hope to run just about everything by solar power at that time. Not shown is my other scanners, two Pro-2052, and two...
  14. D

    Help with 20-176 & Belden coax

    I just bought a scanner today.... Radio Shack PRO-136. Yeah, I know it's a cheapy, but I don't mind. Obviously the stock antenna is pretty much crap. So I bought a 20-176, which folks seem to have a lot of good things to say about. My goal is to monitor air frequencies including the control...
  15. F

    What Do You THink Of The Pro-84

    My Opinion the pro-84 is pretty good i bought mine for 40 bucks.
  16. F

    Fannys Shack

    IM A YOUNG GUY JUST STARTIN OUT President jackson cobra xs 19 pyramid phase III power supply audiovox gmrs imperial viii shortwave Bearcat scanner