1. R

    Caroline County MD

    Donate a uniden BCD996XT for upload of surrounding police frequency. the current talbot, caroline, dorchester, and surrounding county upload is ALWAYS offline. i am willing to upload this channel if anyone is willing to donate this scanner for this purpose and this purpose only. if for any...
  2. k6scm

    V-Tac, U-Tac, I-Tac Frequencies... UTac21?

    My current understanding of the V, U & ITac nationwide common/interoperability frequency assignments is as follows: V-Call 155.7525 V-Tac 1 151.1375 V-Tac 2 154.4525 V-Tac 3 158.7375 V-Tac 4 159.4725 U-Call 453.2125 (458.2125) U-Tac 1 453.4625 (458.4625) U-Tac 2...