shots fired

  1. J

    Independence Officers Shot, 2 Killed

    Very sad to hear about the events unfolding in Independence, MO today. My thoughts and prayers are with the first responders and families of those affected by this horrific tragedy. I could not help to listen to the AMR calls from the MARRS feed of the incident as it unfolded. It sounds like...
  2. p25man123

    Active Shooter at Michigan State University

    I’m hearing several reports of shots fired at MSU at the moment with multiple 911 calls coming in. Communications are being received over at East Lansing/MSU PD Dispatch (MPSCS TGID 139) Active Situation is ongoing. Shooter is using a Handgun. Sources: Active shooter reported at Michigan State...
  3. N

    Passaic officer shot?!

    Does anybody have information about this incident? It happened last night, 3/1/10 on Clifton Ave in Clifton. NJSP 4-Comm was on the scene, and NJSP crime scene was responding. I didn't see anything in the papers this morning, but from what a 4-Comm unit was reporting there were shots fired...