signal stalker

  1. C

    Experience with Pro-107? Signal Stalker and other Q's.

    I'm thinking about getting a Pro-107 for the Signal Stalker feature but heard some bad experiences with Signal Stalker. Can anyone share they opinion of the Pro-107's Signal Stalker feature? Bugs, issues, annoyances? i.e. hanging up on finding the RF it detected, etc. Anyone able to compare it...
  2. V

    Signal Stalker II vs. Drive Thru headsets

    Today and yesterday, while making my usual visits to the drive thru at breakfast, I've fired up the Signal Stalker feature of my new Pro-106. I searched the entire spectrum and watched as an attendant talked on hers not 5 feet from me, yet nothing was detected. (This was at a Chick-fil-A)...
  3. NB0B

    Spectrum Sweeper - How it works

    Has anyone ever posted how Spectrum Sweeper actually works? I've picked up bits and pieces along the way through several threads. What I'm looking for is an authoritative, concise, semi-technical, "no kidding" description of how Spectrum Sweeper actually does what it does. If you're not sure...