signal strength

  1. N

    SDS100: Way to log site/freq signal strength, error rate?

    I have a favorites list I have set up for a certain long drive I make fairly regularly. I'm scanning a statewide trunked system with 10+ sites along my route. The sites and talk groups for each particular area on my route are controlled via GPS so I can minimize unnecessary scanning of sites...
  2. kc0bqb

    Nexedge - NX-700 Signal Strength

    Is there a way to log signal strength from the NX-700 through the com port? We are trying to do some testing/logging on the coverage area of the trunking repeater. Thanks, Josh kc0bqb
  3. K

    Strong signal but skipping?

    Why would an otherwise clear-sounding transmission be skipping out every other second when I have full signal strength? The scanner is a Radio Shack PRO106. I'm using the RS 20-006 telescoping whip antenna opened up to five sections. The frequencies that skip tend to be from Portsmouth, NH...