1. qc

    2004 Chevy Silverado Install

    We Just completed our radio install wanted to thank 8859, mmckenna , WX4EMT and everyone else for the help Here is list of everything we installed Havis made me a 1-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket. I just ship my Yaesu FT 8900R to Havis and there engineers made it fit like a glove the part...
  2. qc

    Help with Radio and GPS Install in Chevy Silverado

    Hi, Need help in finding a Radio mount for 2004 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab to add a BCD536HP, right now I have an Yaesu FT-8900R please see photos with its OEM mount mounted in lower Dashboard I would like to mount the BCD536HP in the same area, I was planning on adding piece of sheet metal and...
  3. SlipNutz15

    2006 Silverado Extended Cab Mobile Setup

    I recently purchased a 2006 Silverado Crew Cab and had to get my radios in it. With the help of my friend and a few hours, this is what I have. Radios/scanner: Kenwood TK880 mounted in the overhead cubby hole. This radio is used for my county's current EMS channels. You'll note the...