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  1. N

    BCD536HP: Siren app and newest Android Note 8 software update

    I believe this is the correct location for this post. I recently did the software update for my Android Note 8. Now when I use the siren app I get all kinds of error pop ups and crashes. This only happens when using the siren app. Prior to the Android update I wasn't having any...
  2. K1IWN

    The Flaky iOS Siren App

    Looking around this website among others to try to troubleshoot the iOS Siren app with the 536. It works once in a while, seamlessly. Other times, I get voice, but a blank display. Other times I get absolutely nothing. The dongle upgrade was done, the right IP for the scanner is loaded, and...
  3. I

    BCD536HP: Set Up a VPN for Uniden Siren On Linux In 20 Easy Steps

    A serious but lighthearted tutorial just in time for the holidays Set Up a VPN for Uniden Siren On Linux In 20 Easy Steps - Album on Imgur ENJOY ! 73 ~ilken
  4. N

    BCD536HP WiFi listening from anywhere?

    Hi, I just read on that "The BCD536HP will have a Wi-Fi dongle and a companion Siren App that allows connectivity to your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your house, your car, or the world". I have mine up and running, but my range is limited to that of my router's...