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    PSR600 Skipping during transmissions ??

    My GRECOM PSR600 has started "skipping" during transmissions, both on conventional and trunked transmissions. Occurs during a transmission..and screen shows "i.e. Scan List 1" (in conventional) or "Trunk ID List name" popping up for a couple mili-seconds every few seconds during a broadcast...
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    Bct15x question

    So I just purchased this scanner and went from an older non trunking Scanner. I programmed it but I am having an issue with the transmission skipping. The freq will come up and you will hear the transmission for 2-3 seconds then it pauses then will start back up for 2-3 more seconds. What can I...
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    Perry/Muskingum County Live Feed

    Perry County, Ohio (OH) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on This feed is terrible today. I couldn't find a link on the Live Feed page to submit a problem, so I'm doing it here. Is there a way to contact the person responsible for a certain feed? The feed is skipping and...