1. G

    Clark County/SNACC system

    I see the term "deprecated" after all references to this system. Does that mean it's no longer in use? Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP
  2. K

    SNACC changes?

    It may just be that I can't run this scanner of mine, but for the past day or so i could not hear anything on SNACC. Just a while ago, i got a few hits with talkgroups with hundred series. ie. 201-9, 500-0, 700-0, 401-1, 700-1, 500-8, 401-2, 500-1
  3. W

    SNACC reband again?

    I'm not hearing radio traffic in Boulder city anymore. Did SNACC reband again? What happen to site 1 in the Database. It was on Red MT. now it's gone?!? Thanks!
  4. 737mech

    SNACC P25 System 461

    It's listed in the rrdb as a X2-TDMA type system. Not so sure about that. I caught some traffic on the system this afternoon with my non-x2tdma scanner. The PSR-500 only does FDMA Phase 1. I heard traffic on this system and also tracked it with DSD using the GPSK phase 1 key. It's good the...