snohomish county

  1. R

    snohomish county scanner frequency changes

    i have noticed that within the past year or so snohomish county had changed all their police and fire frequencies. they used to be in the 866 to 868 section and then they went and changed to around 855 to 858 mhz. i have been looking around online for current frequencies for snohomish county and...
  2. martidav

    Snohomish County Emergency Radio (SERS)

    Perhaps I'm overlooking the update detail, but all I see is that some Talkgroups were changed. I can't find which groups those were. Cheers!
  3. B

    Complete Newbie I guess!! Please help.

    I have a Uniden BCT8 trunk tracker scanner and want to load it with Snohomish County Police, Narcotics and any other cool listenings i can find. I have read all about scanning and the manual for the Scanner and have loaded basic codes but I want the trunked undercover stuff. When I look at the...