1. n9mxq

    Glad I put a pulley on my End Fed wire....

    Hanging kinda low this morning after last nights snow... (Pulley and 5 pound weight on the far end to allow the antenna to sag)
  2. F

    Snow Storm

    Anyone got any good frequencies during the snow storm like plows, national guard, ect? I found that CB 1 is pretty interesting with road updates from truckers. Anyone got any?
  3. K

    looking for snow plow frequencies

    Hello I'm interested in getting the snow plow frequencies for saint paul, shoreview or Maplewood I'm not interested in talk groups, codes, or anything like that. I'm looking for the analog frequencies that are used. I don't have a digital scanner. I'm only using an ICOM T90 and a Baofeng UV3R...
  4. radioscan

    Montgomery County Snow Monitoring

    With the snow event over the weekend, I have noticed a few changes here in Montgomery County. Kettering DPW seems to have abandoned the 158.8350 repeater. Nil heard and we have found Kettering Salt Plows talking on TGID 10352 KET GOVT 1 on the county TRS. I am hearing Harrison Township Salt...
  5. M

    MAG-One BPR40 in snow?

    Has anyone used the Moto BPR40 in snow? is it waterproof and reliable? Which has a shorter antenna the UHF or the VHF version? Which would have the longer range in the the mountian? Thanks, Moshe
  6. F

    State Of Emergency - 3:50 pm (ORANGE COUNTY)

    Orange county executives have issued a state of emergency . In effect from 6pm - 7am All vehicular traffic is prohibited within these times. Exceptions: Snow removal equipment Volunteer firefighters Dire Emergencies...
  7. J

    Toronto Snowplows

    Anybody have frequencies for City of Toronto snowplows? I've found in the RR db the MTO frequencies, but they don't plow the Gardiner or the DVP. Appreciate any help you can give, Rob