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    what program to use to upload to scanner

    what programs can i use to upload to my pro 106? im thinking about buying a premium subscription so i can upload to my scanner. is it worth it? im going to want anything in raytown missouri on my scanner. i want to listen to things other than police/fire/ems is that possible? any guides on how...
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    Kirisun Software

    So I got my hands on a Kirisun PT3500S UHF radio for dirt cheap (50 cents) and am looking for the programming software. I've searched Google quite a bit and can only find the software for the PT3600. The PT3600 software complains that I don't have the correct radio model and won't let me do...
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    Motorola Radio Programming Computer

    Long time lurker seeking advice: (my apologies in advance if the is the wrong place for these questions) A few hours ago i came across this listing on ebay: Motorola Radio Programming Computer | eBay The seller clearly states the legalities, but i'm curious as to the software. Would it be...
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    Signal Classifier

    Good day, I had many decoded signals that I cannot classify what mode it belongs to,, I need a classifier software program that can classify the input signal or wave voice . Thank you
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    CS R6 import CSV help

    Hello gentlemen, I picked up an Icom R6 ($100 used from Universal Radio, like new!) and CS R6 software. I took my tk120 CSV file and made the necessary changes so it matched the format of the CSV export from the CSR6 software. Now I have my master CSV file of about 400 frequencies ready to...
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    Help with CPS and HT1250

    I purchased a HT1250 and it came with the programming software r06.09.06 and I am lost. I have my data cable drivers installed but it seems as if I dont have everything installed from disk to run the CPS. I am not real computer savoy but I cant figure this out. Also I took the radio to a local...